11015326_636699253103229_1276801171492048794_nFor quite some time now I’ve been wanting to start a blog, I didn’t do it though. The reason why I didn’t is because the question what others would think was constantly on my mind. It’s commonly known that we all feel much more confident when on the web so where did this insecurity come from? Indeed I didn’t care about sharing some personal things with total strangers, sharing them with people I know is what held me back.

Of course it’s not my friends that I’m talking about, it’s those people whose name you know but not much more. The ones you awkwardly try to avoid when you see them in a public place pretending not to see them just to avoid that painful moment where you have to decide whether to walk up to them to say hi. And if you do say hi, what’s next? What’s usually next is an uncomfortable chitchat conversation you both want to end as soon as possible but you won’t because you’re uncertain if this is seen as being rude.

11006456_636711933101961_8231261110205188375_nAs you might have realised by now I am socially awkward, if the situation isn’t awkward by itself I will find a way to make it so. Luckily I’m not always surrounded by people so I can have some of my moments of awkwardness and clumsiness without any witnesses. And I don’t mind being by myself every once in a while at all, I even enjoy these moments. Idiliccly I’d live in a cute little cabin in the woods, but I don’t. I was born and raised in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Where we yell rather than talk, cross around the city on our bikes terrifying tourists and pretend that our rudeness is just directness. Yes Amsterdam, I know what you’re thinking and NO I do not drag a truck sized joint around the city! Also I do not appreciate it if you theatrically sniffle at me and blurt out that I smell like marijuana, because frankly I don’t. (oh yes people actually do this)

I realise now that I’ve written a lot but you probably still have got no clue who I am. I guess you’ll find out later.

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