Week Three

“‘Discipline’ doing what needs to be done, even if you don’t want to.

It’s the start of week three already and I haven’t stopped yet. Right now I still find it easy to discipline myself to do all of Kayla’s workouts, but I do have some self-knowledge and thus I expect to lose my motivation anytime soon. I am a perfect example of a black and white thinker, there is no in between. When it comes to me liking or being motivated for something I am either all in or not in at all. When I am not interested it’s almost impossible for me to just do it. There is no doubt that I am a great excuse maker, maybe even one of the best, tell me to do something and I’ll find a perfect excuse why I shouldn’t. (Surely not a quality that my mum is happy with)

The thing with motivation is that it’s intangible. When you feel it slipping away you can’t just catch it and put it back in your pocket. Why does my motivation go away? honestly, I’m clueless. I like coming up with new ideas and challenges, they get me so excited. The problem is that by the time I’ve finally started,  I get interested in something else. This time though, I am determined to finish what I’ve started. Let the third week begin!

As you might have read (you probably haven’t) in my previous post, I had some problems with my Achilles tendon last week. I gave it some rest, almost no exercising, and the pain is gone. I’ve got to be honest and say that I was freaked out and feared the worst; not being able to workout for a long time. Luckily it’s all good now, but just to be sure I switched monday’s legs & cardio workout for wednesday’s abs & arms. By doing this I give my Achilles tendon some extra time to rest, you can never be careful enough with these kind of things, can you?

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