My ‘Diet’


Today I got an interesting question on Instagram; How can I say that I eat gluten free when I eat bread, pizza and other things. I decided to explain some things since I do understand that looking at my Instagram can cause some confusion.

First of all I’d like to say that I eat gluten free most of the time but every once in a while I can’t resist eating some products with gluten. These meals are something that I love so much and are definitely worth the horrible pain that will follow. I have an gluten (lactose and soy) intolerance and thus will have to deal with the consequences of consuming them. These include terrible stomach pains, headaches and tiredness. I started eating gluten free less than a year ago and still find it difficult to eat completely gluten free.

Secondly some of the food you see may look like it contains gluten but is actually a gluten free product or something that I made myself without gluten. Over the years I’ve found one type of bread that my body doesn’t respond that extremely to, So yes I like eating this sometimes.

Health benefits

Eating gluten and dairy free seems to have become a trend lately, but research shows that such diets do not have any effect on those who don’t have some sort of intolerance for it. There is no reason to eat gluten free if eating gluten doesn’t cause you any problems. Some think that it will help you lose weight, I doubt this. A lot of the gluten free substitutes contain more sugar, salt and fat than the ‘normal’ products. Though they do often lack fibers, vitamins and minerals. Eating gluten free has made me eat so much more just because the food doesn’t make me feel satisfied. A gluten free diet takes a lot of time as well. Somehow someone just likes to put gluten in everything, even the foods you wouldn’t expect to find them in. In some countries they are quite far when in comes to these kind of intolerances. I know that in both England and Sweden there are much more products available. Sadly the Netherlands is a bit behind, I’ll keep searching for good gluten and lactose free products though.

For the above named reasons I do not recommend you a gluten free diet if you don’t need it. however, if you’ve always had health problems of which you just didn’t know where they came from you could try eating gluten free for a month and see if that changes anything. If not, return to eating gluten and be happy that you don’t always have to read every label and try to decode these horrible tiny letters to find out if your food has gluten in it.

Some signs that could indicate a possible gluten intolerance:

  • Digestive problems after eating gluten.
  • Migraine like headaches.
  • Dizziness, being unbalanced.
  • Tiredness after eating gluten.

Of course there is much more so if you are starting to get a bit worried just look it up on the internet or go to your doctor. Hope this information helped a bit and didn’t just trigger the hypochondriac nature we humans have.

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