5 Million euros?


You know how stastistically you have more chances of dying on your way to buy a lottery ticket than to actually win? Well today is the day that my chances are a litle bit higher (hopefully!). At the end of this day I might be a millionaire.

About a week ago my mum got a call from the Postcode Loterij (the Dutch lottery). Weeks earlier they had send us a letter in which they invited my mum to play in their TV-show. My mum wasn’t interested and soon we’d both forgotten about this. This time they called because they still needed two more people and again my mum declined the offer. Already dreaming about my brand new bentley continental I decided to convince her to participate. Yes that’s right, my mum’s the one who has to play so technically if she wins it won’t be my money. Well that’s what I thought, turns out I’m supposed to sit next to her and help her answer questions. Thanks for telling me just now mum.

Truth is chances of my mum winning are really small, there’s gonna be food though so I’ll be fine. She is not the main participant, there are 499 other people who all play against each other. Presumably I’ll spend this whole afternoon watching someone else win money, which you can lose again in this game as well. The possibilities for me to find a way to embarrass myself on national television are endless though. My allergies have been really bad lately, (talking about my hay fever and dust allergy now) I’m constantly sneezing and it looks like I’m crying all the time, not my most charming look.

Besides the jackpot of 5 million euros they also have other prices so you never know. There are prices of 5 euro cents as well, I wonder if they still take 30% taxes of them, that would be kind of a bummer.

I’m going to the Rijksmuseum now and afterwards I’ll be locked up in a studio for 5 hours, guess I’m going to have to see what this day will bring.

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