Friday the 13th

Never have I been a superstitious person thus having so many Fridays the 13th this year doesn’t bother me at all. Actually if I were superstitious I’d start believing that a Friday the 13th brings luck. Yesterday was lovely day and last month it was exactly the same. Does anyone else get that happy feeling when the sun shines and immediately everything seems to be so much better? I should move somewhere where the sun always shines. Even when some guy almost ran over me with his bike and thought it was his right to yell at me, welcome to Amsterdam, it didn’t take my happiness away.

A lot has happened this week, I’ll tell you some things now and others will follow later. Now that I think about it, I actually moved to England on friday 13 september 2013. Wasn’t the best day ever (aka rainy day and a housemate who hid in her room) but it sure was the start of something great!

10408633_641089289330892_4897545727843371015_nAs you might have seen I signed up at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, this of course means that I set up a company. Right now you might think ‘oh she’s an entrepreneur she must be so busy taking calls all the time etc.’. Reality is though that without clients there is not much business to do. What I started is practically the same kind of company my father has, it’s in healthcare, but with another target group. I haven’t figured everything out yet. Truth is that there are so many companies doing the same that it is going to be difficult to distinguish from them. The bigger companies have deals with the local authorities which makes it much easier for them and a real challenge for me. Therefore I am trying to come up with something new, a niche market.

Another big thing happened as well, but I can’t say that much about it yet. Then on Wednesday I went to the lottery TV-show  so my week was quite full. Don’t think that I’m allowed to say anything about it yet (it airs tonight), but here’s a small hint; I won’t be driving a Bentley anytime soon.

I’m a bit ashamed but I have to admit that my workouts suffered from all these things. And even this last sentence makes it sound much better than it was, I think I worked out just once. Does this make me feel really bad about myself? No, not at all. It’s important to understand that in life sometimes unexpected things can come up and take your time, I’ll just have some killer workouts this weekend and make sure that I’m back on track next week.

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