Yesterday morning while having breakfast I scrolled down through my social media feeds. Full horror I looked at all the cute pictures of people with their moms; mother’s day?!  Lots of questions wandered through my mind. ‘How did I miss this?’ ‘Is it too late to still buy something?’ ‘Should I hide? Where is the nearest safe house?’.

I remember that years ago my mum had told me she didn’t want me to do anything for mother’s day. Relieved by this I continued playing without worrying what to get her or what to do. Buying presents for my mum isn’t easy, I can’t even remember all the times I had to give her the receipt so she could return my gift. Not having to go through all of this stress was a big load of my mind. However, you probably saw this one coming (I clearly didn’t), when mother’s day arrived my mum was safely to say, not pleased at all by the lack of celebration of her special day. Her long face was impossible to miss, it was so bad that the neighbors offered me some of their flowers to give to her. Of course I rejected their offer, if my mum wanted flowers she would have just told me, right?

Until today I still don’t understand how people can get upset about something if they told you that they didn’t want you to do it. Honestly I don’t think I’ll ever understand. Thankfully I’m in this together with probably most of the male population. Call me stupid but if I say I don’t want something, I actually don’t want it. This doesn’t seem to be very common though nowadays.

Coming back to my original story, no drastic matters had to be taken. Turned out it was only mothers day in the UK. Why do mothers all over the world need different dates to celebrate their superpowers of finding things and multitasking? Are British mothers really that different from the Dutch ones? I’m pretty sure that all over the world the same rule applies; “Nothing is really lost until your mum can’t find it.” Luckily I still have some time to fix something before mother’s day. This time I won’t be fooled by my mum telling me she doesn’t want anything!

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