For minutes now I’ve been staring at the screen of my computer, clicking back and forth between the two pictures. Each time I click a tiny bit on the screen moves, it changes. The change is not big, but as a perfectionist I have to decide what looks best. Totally sure was I, that the directions I had given were clear, so what did they do with the text? Endless emails had been sent, each one of them getting me even more frustrated. Why did they put me in charge of making a poster for the company?

This morning when I came to the office I was agitated when I found out that the printing office han’t mailed me back yet about some alterations I had asked for. I have to say that I was more than surprised when 5 minutes later I saw a big pile of my posters. How did they get here, and who gave order to print them? Silly questions of course, clearly I knew that my father was behind this. After all, this is his company and for him getting the posters fast is more important than getting them perfect. After taking a deep breath I realised that this meant that now I have at least one less thing to worry about. And thank god, the last changes I had asked for were executed properly.

Sadly I’m not done dealing with printing offices anytime soon. On top of the to do list are flyers, which annoyingly have to be made at another printing office. After my experiences with the first one I realised it was important to make clear what we want exactly. Therefore I sent them a whole email with explanations and examples of designs (used my amazing Microsoft word paint skills). When I finally got an email with their design, I had asked for more that one option but apparently that’s too much to ask for, I was unpleasantly surprised. Did they not see all the attachments I had sent them? In my opinion the flyer looks like it’s for a playground, way to childish. We are a home care, nursing etc. company, not a kids daycare. My father agreed so I guess I’ll be sending a lot of emails in the upcoming week.

Thankfully the weekend has finally arrived. Normally I don’t look forwards to weekends this much, I do love them of course, but today the weekend feels like my saviour. After a week of sitting at my desk, mostly in a face palm position, I can get some rest. Normally I’d take these kind of things quite well, they’d still bother me but I’d handle them well. However weeks of bad sleep have finally taken their toll. With the start of hay fever season even sleeping has become almost impossible for me, got to see my doctor to get some new prescriptions because the medication I’m taking now clearly doesn’t work good enough.

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