My progress – how I lost 8 kilos

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Lately a lot of people have been asking how I got my results. I love answering each one of you, but telling the same story over and over again is getting a bit dull. So that’s why I’m just gonna write it down here on my blog.

As you might have read before, I gained a lot of weight in my gap year, to be a bit more precise; 7 kgs (15.4 pounds). Somewhere in the end of September/ beginning of october I decided to make some changes. I did not follow any type of program or diet, so what did I do?


First of all I turned around my whole diet (used as in ‘a healthy diet’, not as in ‘dieting’!). I’ve always been a very difficult eater, I practically don’t like vegetables at all. In my defense, this seems to be a family thing. Growing up on pizza’s and pasta worked for me and somehow I managed to keep a nice figure despite of all the junk food. This changed though as I got older and started to eat more and more. Half a year ago I realised that this wasn’t a healthy way of living and I had to change it. Not only did my figure suffer from all the unhealthy foods, but my general health suffered severely from the consequences.

Eating this badly wasn’t possible anymore when I changed to eating gluten and lactose free. (read more about that here) Not being able to eat most pre-made meals forced me to cook and really think about what I put into my meals. That I’m not a real culinary or divers eater doesn’t mean I don’t like food, I love it! Often I’d refill my plate not once but even twice. 3 giant portions for one girl, you can see what went wrong.

Concluding, what I did concerning my diet is eating healthier and eating less. When I say less I don’t mean starving yourself, that is no good at all! What is important though, is learning to stop eating once you’re full. I used to keep eating just because, sometimes the food wasn’t even good. Believe it or not but there is actually some truth in the serving sizes they put on your food packages. I used to look at them and laugh, who did they make this for? midgets? Nowadays I think twice before I stuff my mouth with food, am I hungry of just craving something tasty?

11080852_650993508340470_6709959998612543803_oChanging how you eat usually doesn’t just happen overnight, it takes time. Making small changes might make you feel like nothing is happening but once they all add up you’ll see how far you’ve come!


As said above I did not follow a particular training program or train with a coach, I did everything by myself. On average I went to the gym about 4/5 times a week. Most of you are probably imagining me running on a treadmill for hours, sounds like a real horror story to me. As a matter of fact in these months I’ve spent, all together, about 30 minutes on a treadmill or any other type of cardio machine. Clearly cardio is not my kinda thing but you and I both know that I must have done something. I lifted weights.

Somehow many women seem to fear weights and even more, lifting them. Many think that lifting makes you big and manly, in reality though, it is a great way to burn fat and shape your body! I am definitely going to explain you guys later how this all works exactly. My gym sessions didn’t include extreme sweating, tomatofaces and death wishes. They were actually quite relaxed. The most important thing to succeed is dedication. You need to want it, but you also need to be willing to work for it.


I’m not going to lie to you, every one has their ups and downs. I committed to my workouts and ‘diet’ but of course I got of track some times. There has been a month that I didn’t even go to the gym once, there was christmas at which I ate a lot, there have been birthday parties with the most delicious cakes, etc. No one is perfect, neither am I. ‘cheating’ or doing different as planned won’t keep you from succeeding. What will though, is drowning in self sorrow afterwards, feeling like a failure and giving up. We are all human, we make ‘mistakes’, don’t beat yourself up just for having a bad day/week/month or whatsoever!

More information about how I trained exactly will follow! At this moment I am actually following the Kayla Itsines BBG which means that right now I am doing cardio workouts regularly. Really hoping that this hard work will pay off because I’m not enjoying jumping around like a kangaroo that much. If you have any questions please let me know, I’ll be happy to answer them!

11 thoughts on “My progress – how I lost 8 kilos

  1. Goed van je! Je mag zeker trots op jezelf zijn:)

    maar ik heb een vraagje over dat bbg. Ik heb het zelf ook, maar ben er niet aan begonnen omdat het mij zo saai lijkt. Ik doe zelf, net als jij, alleen krachttraining. Dit doe ik zwaar en 4x in de week. Het bbg lijkt mij zoveel minder uitdagend op de een of andere manier. hoe ervaar jij dit?


    • hee Laura,

      Dankjewel, ben zeker ook erg trots!

      Ik snap dat het je saai lijkt en wil graag ook compleet eerlijk zijn, ik vind het ook niet heel erg leuk. Persoonlijk vind ik krachttraining leuker, makkelijker vol te houden en zie ik meer resultaten. Je kunt de bbg proberen maar als het je nu al niet leuk lijkt zal het lastig zijn om vol te houden. Ik weet niet waarom je precies wilde beginnen met de bbg maar als het is om meer resultaten te zien zou je ook wat veranderingen in je krachttraining kunnen aanbrengen. Mijn resultaten heb ik ook vooral door krachttraining en gezond eten gekregen.

      Heel veel succes en als je nog vragen heb hoor ik het wel! xx


  2. Its really awesome and i just started my journey, i wish i would succeed like you… All the best 4 me 😉 and congrats 2 u:) …


  3. 8 kilos, wow! Congrats on the progress! It’s so refreshing to see people with such a positive outlook on fitness. Even better you’re helping break the ‘women shouln’t lift weights’ stereotype!

    You know with the amount of effort you put in and how you are now would make great motivation for people! Definitely look into making a motivation category for your blog.

    Keep up the great posts, keep strong and continue to inspire!


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  5. Hoi!

    Ten eerste wil ik zeggen dat je echt inspiratie geeft!
    Ik wil ook graag gewicht verliezen. Ik hou ook heel erg van eten, vooral ongezond. Ik wil crossfit doen en mijn voedingschema aanpassen. Maar ik was benieuwd wat jij zou aanraden? Ik wil het heel graag doorzetten maar als ik het probeer zie ik meestal nooit echt resultaat en dan haak ik vaak af omdat ik er geen zin meer in heb. Ik wil energieker worden vrolijker en gezond. Ik dans 2x per week en 1x in de maand wedstrijden maar daar val ik niet echt van af. Wat zou je aanraden om te doen?

    Groetjes Romy


    • Hee Romy,
      Dankjewel, dat vind ik altijd leuk om te horen!

      Als je heel erg van (ongezond) eten houd is het altijd lastig om af te vallen. Alleen sporten is namelijk niet genoeg! Je hoeft niet meteen al het eten wat je lekker vindt te verbannen, eet er eens wat minder van. Als je veel high calorie maaltijden eet moet je je porties daar op aanpassen. Wel voldoende blijven eten hoor! Probeer dan langzamerhand je eetpatroon te veranderen.

      Lijkt crossfit je daadwerkelijk leuk of wil je het alleen doen wegens de hype? Probeer een manier van sporten te vinden die je echt leuk vind, dan is het makkelijker vol te houden. Je zou ook vaker kunnen gaan dansen.

      Resultaten zie je niet altijd gelijk. Probeer het eens 3 maanden vol te houden. Als je dan nog steeds geen verschil ziet zul je toch nog iets aan je voedingsschema of trainingsschema moeten aanpassen.
      heel veel succes, je kunt het!


  6. Hi 🙂 Yeah it’s me again 🙂
    Remember the last time I wrote you an email with lot of questions. Since then I have changed many things (nutrition, workout). I workout 5 times a week with kayla’s bikini body. But I don’t see the results I’d like to (loosing weight in my inner tight!) and when I weight myself, I’m heavier than before (is that muscle?) I feel like I could never loose that fat ! In your post which explained how you lost weight, you wrote that kayla’s programme didn’t work for you and there you say “At this moment I am actually following the Kayla Itsines BBG which means that right now I am doing cardio workouts regularly”, did it finally worked for you ? Did you loose weight because of your training or because of BBG ?

    You told me that to loose your fat you lifted weights, do you have any exercices to suggest me ? The other thing is that I am afraid to gain volume in my legs instead of loosing the fat by lifting weights, I just want skinny legs.

    If you have any tips, training programmes or whatever I would be glad to have them ! I know you already posted many things but I feel like big results will never happen.


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