Getting ‘off track’

11022598_657312917708529_5622349860855627350_oAbout three weeks ago I ‘fell of the bandwagon’ and kind of lost my motivation. This is usually seen as a bad thing but it doesn’t always have to be like that. Getting off track made me take a good look at what I was doing exactly and  actually gave me a better insight in my ways of doing. Let me explain it to you.

What happened

First of all it’s important to take a look at why I lost my motivation. After 4 weeks of the BBG I took some progress pictures but there wasn’t really anything to see. This didn’t discourage me though, I put in more work and dedication and kept on going. Then at the end of week 6, half way through the BBG, I took some more pictures. At this moment my scale, mirror and camera all showed about no progress at all. This time it did bother me that not much was happening, I was eating right, exercising and most of all; impatient.

No results

We all know that major changes don’t happen overnight, they take lots of time and hard work. Working hard to achieve something is made so much easier if you enjoy the ride, and that was exactly my problem. Lots of people have asked me lately how I find the BBG and I want to be completely honest with you. So here it is; it’s not my cup of tea. Many girls seem to like the workouts but for me they’re usually a torturing endurance, not always though! All the jumping causes pain in my knees and Achilles tendon so I keep having to be carefull not to get a serious injury. So yes, kangarooing around the house without results was quite a bummer.


Please note that I do not mean to say anything negative about the kayla itsines BBG, just that maybe it isn’t my favorite thing to do. I absolutely see how, especially as a beginner, it brings consistency en something to hold on to. I’ve seen so many girls who got amazing results from it, which is kind of why I was so disappointed. Also I’ve noticed that mostly others who were already into fitness had the same problem as I had, not that much visible progress. My energy level has risen though so that’s something!

Going of the bandwagon

This is something I’m not proud of, but I’m definitely not ashamed of it either. I got of track, skipped some workouts and ate about everything that was in my sight. I’ve never had a sweet tooth before but somehow I now craved sweet foods. My (lactose free) nutella jar wasn’t safe and neither were my chocolate bars (yes it’s plural). My body’s system, totally in shock, reacted by making me even hungrier. Somehow I just felt like stuffing everything in my mouth and I couldn’t stop eating, my jaws were chewing 24/7. You can imagine that I gained some weight trough all of this, happy to say that right now it’s all gone again.


Then I got to the big question, why were there no results? As I was talking to a guy at the gym he mentioned that actually I wasn’t a beginner anymore and maybe I should take my workouts to the next level. That’s when I realised that after my own workouts I’m actually not sore anymore, that explained the lack of progress.

Of course I had to consider my eating habits as the villain as well. Yes I do eat healthy, and the right amount but maybe something was off in the balance of my diet.


I’m going to increase the level of my own workouts and am planning to make an appointment with one of the coaches at my gym. They actually provide a free appointment a month in my membership so it’s time to finally start using it. Let the sore days begin!

Last Friday I decided to start tracking what I eat and make sure that my macros are right. I’m going to see how this goes and then give you a full update on how it works exactly and if I’m seeing results.

Of course I’m not going to quit the BBG since I’m in week 9 already so there’s only 3 weeks left. I’ve found my motivation again so I’m back!

‘getting off track’ and ‘falling of the bandwagon’ are actually something that happen even to the best of us from time to time. Personally I find that the words have got a way too negative meaning, having ups and downs is totally normal. What is important though is that you see the whole picture and realize that this also is just a part of your journey. Only you have the power to let these moments make you stronger or quit. Once it’s done you can’t change it anymore so the best thing is to get over it and learn from it. And remember; everyday is a new day with new chances!

5 thoughts on “Getting ‘off track’

  1. Keep it up girl and I hope you can achieve your goals. Maybe its time we all jumped off the bandwagon and actually started to walk and run for the best things in life. Also thanks for the comment on my post.


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  3. Hey Imre,

    Ik had een vraagje. Vorig jaar deed ik ook BBG en wil morgen weer beginnen, maar ik had inderdaad ‘hetzelfde probleem’. Ik merk wel dat ik bepaalde oefeningen gecombineerd met fitness en dansen (cardio) veel meer verschil in mijn lichaam zie dan alleen BBG. Ik at al gezond alleen let ik nu wel meer op mijn macro’s. Deze post is al een tijdje oud en ik vroeg me af of jij nog aan BBG doet of het combineert.




    • Hee Chereneffe,

      Ik ben redelijk snel gestopt met de bbg omdat ik blessures kreeg en het ook gewoon niet zo leuk vond. Als je iets voor een langere periode wilt volhouden moet je er natuurlijk wel ook plezier in hebben. Ik volg nu een trainingsschema dat ik zelf gemaakt heb en wat voornamelijk uit krachttraining bestaat. Ik ben van plan wat meer training tips enzo te delen dus misschien heb je daar ook wel wat aan! Blijf vooral lekker dansen als je daar plezier in hebt!

      Xx Imre

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