Pancake Sunday

We all know that Saturdays are for sleeping in late, so that’s exactly what I was doing yesterday morning. The notification of a picture send by my father on my phone couldn’t stop me from some more snoozing. When I did check it though I stared at a picture of a baby, a baby looking exactly like my half brother but dressed in pink. I needed some time to let it sink in but then it hit me; MY SISTER WAS BORN!

After making about 20 unanswered phone calls to my father, he was sleeping, I decided to just get dressed already and did a little happy dance in the living room. My father and his wife live in another city so I packed my bags and made my way to the train station. Since it was the first time I went to this particular train station in their city and the finding directions part of my brain has been out of function since the day I was born, I had no clue where to go. With the help of 5 different people I managed to find my fathers house, 4 minutes away, within 30 minutes. #proud

.There she was, Senem Su, sleeping so peacefully. Are there people who do know what to do with babies? To me they look so fragile, like even the smallest sight of the wind could break them. I am good with kids but babies are something completely different. When my brother was born I just poked him to make a connection. No don’t worry, I did it gently.

I have to admit that such a big age difference can be a bit weird. Sometimes I wonder how it will be when they are my age, I’ll be around 40. Of course that isn’t that old but it right now it feels that way. When they are in the glory days of their life I’ll  probably be going through a midlifecrisis.

The age difference leads to awkward moments already. Just yesterday I went to the supermarket with my father and my brother, lucky as I was they were handing out free kinder chocolate bars. After some lurking at the guy he noticed me and with a feeling of victory I held my chocolate. ‘ Madam, could I give your son one as well?’ Whut?! my son? ‘oh, he’s my brother not my son.’ ‘I am so sorry, I just.. well…’ I kind of felt for the guy, poor thing. It was impossible not to notice the red blush on his cheeks and he clearly felt ashamed. Some more words were spoken in an attempt to make things better but in the end I just walked away to end the painful moment, it couldn’t be saved anymore. It was forgotten quite soon though since I walked away with two chocolate bars and a brother too young to realize he wasn’t getting his fair share. Does this make me a bad sister?

My eating has been really bad lately and yesterday was supposed to be the day it was gonna stop. This didn’t really happen since there was cake, baklava, etc. So getting back on track was postponed again.. Today I’m gonna do it for real though, starting with these pancakes. Yes, they are healthy, sort of. At least they are gluten, lactose and soy free so they will be gently to my body. Recipe is on the blog!


One thought on “Pancake Sunday

  1. Congratulations on the new family member. You have the best of both worlds; you have a brother approximately your age and a sister many years younger. You get to have a sibling relationship on multiple levels. This can be a blessing. Good luck and continue to enjoy life.

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