You’re not a man, are you?

11390012_672480439525110_4235617770395890021_n (1)I know that most of my photos picture me as a girly girl. For example; this all pink smoothiebowl I had for breakfast yesterday. It’s even romantically surrounded by flowers. Truth is, I grew up being a total tomboy and deep down I still am.

As a real car lover it’s a big mystery why I don’t have my driver’s license yet. I’m finally taking driving lessons now and have to admit that I’m probably not the best student ever.. You know those people who take lessons and constantly drive around 10 km/h and are still scared to death? Well I’m not one of them, I’m the opposite. I’m not panicking at all. In fact, I don’t even care that much about others on the road and won’t slow down for them. They better just hit their breaks because this girl won’t.

Rules are not my thing. Whenever the traffic light turns yellow I accelerate, who wants to spend 2 minutes waiting? If I have to give others right of way I accelerate as well so I can squeeze in. Now that I’ve started driving I realised that on my bike I just wrongfully take the right of way and throw myself in front of cars. Then again, who in Amsterdam doesn’t?

To make it even worse I am a big fan of speeding, (mostly) unintentionally though. Together with my driving instructor I’ve come to the conclusion that my bad driving behaviour is something I’ve probably learnt from my father. Driving 180 km/h is nothing special for us and thus my feeling for speed is totally messed up. Going 30 km/h makes me feel like I could just as well ride to work on a turtle.

And at last, I do not seem to get the use of having two hands on your steering wheel. Okay I do get that it is saver but it won’t stop me from driving with one hand. Actually I don’t even realise that I take my right hand off the wheel. The bumps in the road my instructor keeps telling me about don’t scare me enough to wait with putting my hand on the throttle until my car has fully stopped. Worst part is when I take a turn and unconsciously decide to take it not with just one hand, but with my thumb. You probably get it, I am a real danger on the road.

This all leads to hopeless sighs from my driving instructor followed up by a ‘Imre, you’re not a man

Then yesterday at the gym I was doing some rope swinging when a trainer came to me all impressed and told me that ‘most guys can’t keep it going for that long’. He even told the guy with who I was taking turns on the rope, who indeed couldn’t go on for as long as I did, that he had to watch my technique since I was actually doing it very well.

A great compliment of course. But then again; why wouldn’t I be ably to do this just as long as any man or even longer? And why is my driving style refered to as manly? What if, maybe, I am not doing any thing ‘like a man’, but as a fierce girl.

(do have to change my driving style though if I ever want to pass the exam.)

3 thoughts on “You’re not a man, are you?

  1. Do in life whatever makes you happy regardless of what others think as long as it is never at someone else’s expense. Having a rebellious attitude helps grow individuals as well as societies. Find your passions in life; pursue them with all your heart and soul and as a result, leave behind a better world someday.
    Be healthy and happy!


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