New directions


So I’ve got some very exciting news. I signed up for a course to become an internationally Certified Personal Trainer! Wait, what?! When did all of this happen?

For a while now I’ve felt a bit lost and had no idea what to do with my life. Everyone seemed to have a clear idea of what direction they wanted to head in. ‘Did I have any hobbies or passions?’ I wondered. Each time I couldn’t answer this question and it made me feel like I was living an empty life. Then I realised, I am at the gym almost every single day and I closely watch my nutrition. Not only am I living a certain lifestyle I am enjoying it and it has become a hobby. My free times are spent reading new research online and I have this constant hunger for more knowledge.

Spending this much time on a subject is of course rewarding – and slowly turns you into a Mrs. know-it-all – but why not get a certificate to have something to prove all of your hard work?

11950366_711808705592283_5332870693410570799_oAlso as I posted a couple of days ago that I’m getting lots of questions and people are asking for my advice. I am more than happy to give it to you but I want to make sure that what I am telling you is going to get you further and not harm you in any sort of way. Of course I have my own experiences but we’re all different and our bodies react differently. In this course I will be learning how to properly train others and thus will be able to help you much better.

I’ve still got a long way to go but I am super excited to be studying something I am actually passionate about. To be fully honest with you, I’m actually also a bit scared. Seriously having been into fitness for only half a year I feel like a total newbie. Guess I’ll be hiding under the table if they are asking any questions.

11856691_1011285748916896_306412939_nAlso, very typical, I opened my e-mail with information today to find out that we have to wear gymwear so we’ll probably be doing some exercising. Maybe killing legday this morning wasn’t such a good idea.. No need to worry about that yet though. Lets first see if I even manage to cycle all the way to the other side of Amsterdam.

lots of love,

your Personal Trainer to be

5 thoughts on “New directions

  1. Good luck and have lots of fun! You’ll do great! I became a certified personal trainer at age 50; if I can do it anyone can! Lol
    –Joan 🙂


  2. I think this kinda happens to everyboy at this age (myself included). That we are told to go get a job, make some money and live in ‘the real world’, but we have no clue what to do.

    Just remember: follow your passion, share your passion and market yourself well as a worker or a business-maker. Oh and pay your taxes!

    You are ready and able to do great things, just follow your heart start what you want, and keep developing your skills even if you have already mastered them!


  3. Congrats! That is so awesome! If you love what you do, you will be excited to go to work everyday and since it is something that is already such a big part in your life I am sure that you will kick bootay! xxx


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