Nike Eye Catchers

We’re all familiar with the swoosh that presents; Nike. Usually we go for simplicity; dark tights, dark top. Time to open your eyes! Our favorite brand does use the entire color palette and doesn’t mind some color blocking and crazy prints. Calm down, I know that some days all we want is to be invisible. For those other days though, I’ve made a collection of my favorite eye-catching sportswear Nike has to offer at he moment.

Nike Air Max 90 City Collection

The Nike air max is a classic but somehow they keep managing to make them even better each time. The new Nike air max 90 City Collection is inspired by food in 6 different cities. New york, Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo, Milan and London. The Nike air max 90 Paris does indeed seem to match my cravings for macarons. Not a fan of these two below? You’ve still got 4 others to pick from, choose wisely.

Head Turning Tights

Lets move on because I’m starting to drool and consider to buy myself some new kicks despite the fact that I already have more than 15 pairs -‘yes mum, I really did need them all’-

Woman with an active lifestyle pretty much all end up with the ‘leggings-as-pants syndrome’. Why wear those uncomfortable jeans when you have more tights than your closet can store? Someone at Nike seems to have been running around flower fields to get inspired and decided to add some floral prints wherever possible. Take your chance now plant lovers!

Back to Basics

If by now your eyes haven’t start hurting yet; congratulations! you can handle the color madness! To the others who are still trying to get that dizzy feeling away; no problem. Or maybe you’re a bit like me. The truth is: I absolutely love crazy things. I buy them and then… wear them once. In the end when I’m in a hurry and quickly need to get dressed I will always go for neutral colors. Thankfully there are many shades of gray so I can still claim that there’s more than enough variety in what I wear.

I’m happy to tell all others of you who love some basic ‘colors’ that the typical Nike ‘just do it’ tight is now also available in black and white -why oh why do I have the black and blindingly yellow version?-.

The names of all items are connected to the pictures so you can find them easily if you’ve found something you’d like to buy. I didn’t put in links to the site since we’re all from other countries so that just wouldn’t work.

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