French Toast the Healthy way


Pancake Sunday is great but what about introducing something like French Toast Friday? Pictures of french toast are almost always drool worthy and make us crave their sweetness. Wouldn’t it be perfect to be able to give in to the craving, yet, still be ‘healthy’? Yes it would!

From now on you’ll never be feeding your old bread to the ducks again -they never seemed that grateful anyway- cause you’ll be making french toast. Some of you might be fearing carbs but really, they’re not the enemy. It is good though to get some protein in too but sometimes you might not feel like eating something savory. For those moments this recipe is great!

So what’s different from the regular recipes? You change the eggs for egg whites and use a milk substitute.



  • 2 slices of bread.*
  • 2/3 egg whites.**
  • 80 ml rice milk. ***
  • cinnamon.
  • coconut oil.

As all the little stars show there’s some explaining to do.

* you can choose whatever kind of bread you like but of course if you take white bread you’re kind of taking the ‘healthy’ out of this recipe. Personally I prefer spelt bread since it’s one of the only kinds of bread I can handle.

** the amount of egg whites and also the amount of milk depends on what kind of bread you’re using (how much it will absorb). I expect you guys to be independent enough to just add something extra if you see after you’re first toast that you don’t have enough of the mixture.

*** My preference goes to rice milk because it’s lactose free of course. But that’s not the only reason. Rice milk on its own has quite a sweet taste already and thus makes you’re toasts sweeter too. If you’re a big coconut fan you could also use coconut milk.


  • Use a deep plate to mix the egg whites, rice milk and cinnamon. (a fork will work perfectly)
  • Place a slice of bread in the mixture, makes sure it soaks it up, and turn around to do the same.
  • Heat up a pan with coconut oil and bake the slice on both sides.
  • Top with fruit, jam or maybe some nutella if you want to enjoy your french toast to the fullest.

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