Starting my cut


Hi there! If you follow me you probably know that for the last couple of months I’ve been bulking. The idea of bulking was to gain weight, aiming for more muscle mass. Nevertheless I -as expected- gained some extra fat  too.  Well, bulking season is over and now it’s time to lose some of that newly gained fat! So how am I planning on doing this? 

In this post I’m going to give you a short explanation of what I’m changing in my training routine and diet.This is what I’ve got planned for now but of course I might have to make some other changes if these do not work out the way I want them to. If so I’ll update you guys in a month or so.


The last 16 weeks I’ve been eating +3000 calories a day. Great to gain weight, not so great if you want to lose it. I’m starting my cut at +-2000 kcal a day. It’s very important to make sure I’m still eating enough. I want to lose some fat, not muscle mass! Of course  the first things I’ll be cutting out of my diet are things like candy and chocolate. -which I’ve been eating plenty lately- That doesn’t mean I am forbidding myself to eat them. If I really feel like having some; I will. It’s called moderation people!

If after 4 weeks there are still no results I might lower my calorie intake a bit, or make sure to burn more calories through the day.


Cardio is back on the schedule! That doesn’t mean I’ll be neglecting my weight training though. I am going to combine the next ways of training to get the best results.

  • Weight Training: I’ll be doing more sets, higher reps and less rest in between.
  • HIIT: Hooray! Interval runs on the treadmill are back. I am so happy! -not-
  • Circuit Training: In circuits you can combine cardio elements with weight training. The high tempo will definitely get that heart rate up. -and my tomato face on-
  • Cardio: Inclined treadmill walks, rowing etc. Not so special but will definitely burn some calories.

Losing weight is actually just math; burn more calories than you consume. Personally I’d rather train a bit harder so I can still eat plenty than drastically cut my calories.

I will share my bulking experience with you all as soon as possible! I decided to put this one up first because I got so many questions about how I was going to cut etc.

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