Sudio Earphones

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Music, nowadays almost every simple task is accompanied with it. Walking to the supermarket, cleaning your room, it’s all done with your favourite songs in the background. Sometimes you want to keep your music session a bit more private though. -not everyone needs to know you listen to the spice girls- Earphones are the perfect solution for those moments. I’ve found some real stylish ones for you!

Earphones, I’ve got plenty of them. Mostly black but sometimes white. One thing they all heave in common; they are not so stylish. Then there’s the option to switch to headphones since they do come in style already. But are they convenient? I am pretty sure that silly me would sit on them and they don’t seem that comfy for a workout either. So I can tell you that I was quite excited when I came across Sudio earphones.

Their vision is one I like; beautiful products with a good quality yet affordable. Full of excitement I opened the package when it finally arrived. The box said it all. Not only did I get a fine product, the packaging itself was already something on its own.

My earphones had their own little leather case; could have just ordered this only for the accessories that came with. It felt a bit like I had just bought myself a Barbie doll with different outfits and accessories. There was the little bag, the pin to keep the wires together and different sizes of sleeves.

 Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

That’s nice and all you’re probably thinking right now but how is the actual earphone function? I’m gonna be totally honest with you; I do not have any kind of musical talent or experience so telling you how amazing the technology is would be a bit stupid. If you do have some knowledge about this you should definitely check the specifics on their site! What I can tell you though is that my music has never had as much ‘dept’ as it has now. All sounds are so clear!

As a little surprise I’ve got a 15% discount code for all of you! Use the code: IMRECECEN

Visit their website here for more beautiful products!

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