From working my ass off to building that booty

img_7824 After having lost a lot of weight it felt like I’d literally been working my ass of and it was time for some changes. That’s why a couple of months ago I started my bulk. I made the decision to go from really skinny to building some curves and I was quite nervous about doing this. Who said I was actually going to gain muscle instead of just fat? 

I’d always intended to bulk one day but somehow I kept pushing the starting date forward. Who was gonna bulk with a beach holiday ahead? I always found different excuses but truth is I was just scared. Being so active on instagram had made the impression that I was this fit, skinny and lean girl. That’s what people would expect if they saw me coming through the door. How were they going to react if that changed? What if I’d only gain fat?

My experience

In the first 2 weeks of my bulk I instantly gained 5 kilo’s. It made me feel fluffy and quite insecure. Most of it was water weight and over time it slowly got replaced by more muscle and fat. These first weeks really were something I had to get through and the thought of quitting my bulk did come up to my mind. Nevertheless, I decided there was no going back. I had to do this! Once I let go of those numbers on the scale things got easier.

When I started my bulk I told myself I had to bulk for 3 months. I have to admit that there have been moments I wanted  to quit. Not really fitting into my jeans anymore didn’t necessarily make me happy. Then there was this moment at which I realised why I was doing this -more about that in the next blogpost- and I ended up deciding to bulk for 16 weeks.

Now the big question that you’ve all been asking; how much weight did I gain in these 16 weeks?

The answer to that is 9 kilo’s!


If you’d told me this before hand I would have been shocked. Gaining 9 kilo’s sounds like a huge amount, and it is. I’m actually almost back at the weight of the before pic of my transformation. I’m looking so different though! If I’d gained 9 kilo’s of fat I’d definitely look kind of fluffy, but I don’t. My muscle definition hasn’t changed that much and my fat% is actually lower than before my bulk. According to measurements I gained about 7 kilo’s of muscle mass. Definitely something I feel like I can be proud of! (difference between the picture on the left and right is only 3 kilo’s! difference between the middle pic and the one on the right is 9 kilo’s)

Now that it’s over I can say that bulking has been one of the most difficult but mainly best things I’ve ever done! You’ve got to trust the process and let go of so many fears. It has tought me to be happy with where I am at that moment even though it might not be where I want to be.

Right now I am in a cutting phase to get rid of some of that fat I’ve gained over the past months. If you’re interested in how I’m planning on doing that, you can read it here!

Next blogpost: The emotional rollercoaster that was my bulk. I’ll be showing you a more personal view of the whole thing and the bare truth. Why did I decide to do this and how important is self acceptance?

& a more detailed explanation of my nutrition and training during my bulk + a food diary. 

I’ve decided to separate these different aspects so I can give you a better explanation of each one of them. Oh and let’s all take a moment to appreciate those booty gains.



2 thoughts on “From working my ass off to building that booty

  1. Wauw ik vind het zo fantastisch dat je zo eerlijk bent! Je inspireert volgens mij super veel mensen! Mij in ieder geval wel!❤️ Love this!

    Ik heb een beetje het tegenovergestelde, spiermassa gainen gaat bij mij super snel maar het laatste vet op m’n buik en m’n binnenbenen gaat maar niet weg. Terwijl ik dit op een dag eet: 3 schepjes havermout met 1 banaan en twee eieren als ontbijt, rond twaalf uur kwark met besjes en drie schepjes havermout en een paar rozijnen, rond 15:00 uur neem ik een tussendoortje van bijvoorbeeld tomaat en een beetje pesto en beetje mozzarella, of broccoli, en dan rond 18:00 uur neem ik kip met groentes. Voor het sporten eet ik fruit of een rijstwafel met tomaat of zuivere pindapasta. Na het sporten neem ik amino in en Creatine.
    Ik heb geen idee waardoor ik maar niet dat laatste buikvet verlies en dat binnenbeenvet, ik wil gewoon meer m’n buikspieren kunnen zien.

    Mijn sport is crossfit. Ik til zware gewichten in combinatie met cardiovasculaire bewegingen. High intensity training met zware gewichten en olympisch gewichthef bewegingen komen daarin voor. En wanneer ik niet crossfit, ben ik aan het interval hardlopen buiten of roeien in de gym. Heb je misschien wat tips voor mij? Ik tel trouwens nooit mijn calorieën en koolhydraten , ligt het daaraan? Of eet ik te weinig langzame of snelle koolhydraten?

    Super bedankt alvast,



    • Wat lief van je Teddy! Ik vind dat altijd erg leuk om te horen. Wat is je email adres? Dan stuur ik je een mailtje met wat tips enzo. Als je je mail niet zomaar hier wilt plaatsen kun je ook mij even mailen zodat ik je email heb. Antwoord net wat prettiger dan via wordpress. Xx


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