Easter brunch ideas

With Easter being just around the corner we are getting bombarded with chocolate bunnies, eggs and much more. Maybe you’re already exhausted by the fuss we make out of Easter brunch nowadays. Or it could be that you’re planning what should be the most impressive Easter ever. But what will you be making for Easter brunch? Here are some creative ideas to get you started.



Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Eggs are turned into little chicks quite easily. Use some cheddar or little pieces of carrots to create the beat and use peppar grains for the eyes.

There’s yet another savory option that we shouldn’t forget; bunny eggs! No matter if you make an ommelette, scrabled eggs or sunny side up it will work. Get creative and use your favourite breakfast ingredients to design your easter bunny.

Maybe you’re a real kichen princess and are planning on doing some baking. I’ve got 2 options for you; sweet or savory. Aren’t these little chick cookies the cutest? Definitely a winner if you’re spending easter with kids of if you’re a big easter fan. Find the recipe here! Chances are you’re more of a savory fan and maybe don’t feel like having edible chicks at brunch. This Huevos rancheros crescent bake is perfect for you then. It has the easter feeling without going over the top. Find the recipe here!

This one is an absolute winner. Whether you have kids or are just with your grumpy boyfriend/girlfriend, who does not love bunny pancakes? This is what I made with easter last year and I absolutely loved it. Use your own pancake batter (or mine) and create circles for the base of the head. For the ears you can either use a spoon to spread the batter in the right shape or just cut the pancake after baking. If you’re really in the spirit try making a the happily hopping bunny!

Are you just too addicted to that everyday sandwich you have? No problem, it’s easily transformed into an easter sandwich. Just cut out a piece of the upper slice in whichever shape you prefer and ‘tada, there’s your easter brunch.’

And for those who were already tired of easter before it had even started or don’t feel like putting all the effort in. Simply boil some eggs and decorate them (or not). If you’re really lazy you could just buy them painted already. -no one will know you bought them- Tell your family you stayed up all night painting those eggs, they’ll love it.

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