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A jump rope, we all had one as a kid. It’s time to put those childhood skills into practice cause skipping is totally hot at the moment! Strengthening both upper & lower body, elevating your heart rate and burning lots of calories it’s great to add to your workout. It can be done practically everywhere and taking your jump rope with you on a holiday won’t instantly fill up your entire suitcase. Portable, effective and now also; high-tech! Introducing to you; The SMART ROPE!

If you’re as silly as me you might sometimes lose count of your reps whilst training. Counting whilst jumping seems more than impossible then. Thankfully the SMART ROPE is the solution . Not only is this jump rope absolutely beautiful. It’s -as the name says- smart as well! No need to worry about losing count because from now on your smart rope will take care of this.

The embedded LEDs make it possible to display 4 characters which can show your jump count -pretty sure that with my clumsiness I only need only one character though- And since the product is new they’re still developing future software updates which will make it possible for you to see the amount of calories burnt and other relevant data.

Now you might think ‘how on earth am I gonna read the display whilst being mid-air and with a heart rate higher than the mount Everest?’ It’s technology guys, yes it’s almost like we’re in the future. The LEDs won’t show you a steady image but will fluctuate and create an image in the air.

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The grips are not just designed to be beautiful but also to be comfortable. You’re not just holding a jump rope, you’re holding technology. Even though the whole thing seems magical it obviously isn’t powered by magic. The handle contains a USB portal and this is how you charge your Smart rope. Fully charged you can enjoy 36 hours of jumping so unless you were planning a jump rope marathon this will be enough for an entire month!

Choose a smart rope to your liking! Options are; Gold, Chrome and Black. And hey! there’s even the opportunity to style the rope to your mood. Extra soft grips are available in different colors. Of course they’ve thought of everything and thus the rope is available in different sizes. The right size for you is determined by your length so no worries if your super tall or maybe a bit short. There’s a Smart rope for everyone!

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Download the smartgym app to keep track of your jumping and to train smarter. You can even compete with your friends! No need for wires, the smart rope connects via bluetooth!

Do not only jump high, jump high-tech!

For more info, videos or to buy a smart rope click here!

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 preset

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