A personal update

img_8010Hey guys, I felt like it was time for a personal update. Honestly, the last couple of months haven’t been going as planned at all. I’ve had so much to do that I was all over the place and lost my focus a bit. Here’s why;

After my grandma passed away and hectic times followed, my entire daily structure was just completely gone. I had no idea anymore which day it was, slept in late and just felt exhausted. What was it again that I used to call ‘my life?’

As you probably know if you’ve been following me for a while I ‘started’ my cut months ago. And there I was, heavier than at the end of my bulk indulging chocolate for breakfast. Starting my cut attempt nr 1 was clearly a fail. My stress eating blog post (link here) was supposed to be the turn around moment. I was gonna get back to a normal diet and finally get rid of that layer of bulking fat. I really was.. But I didn’t.

Somehow I just couldn’t get myself to put down all the treats. Guess that’s something I should have expected being an emotional eater. visiting grandpa still feels strange, cause where’s grandma? With some other personal things going on as well it’s just a bit much.

Haven’t even mentioned the fact that they’re still working on my apartment. It’s been months now and everything seems to be going wrong. The painting job was just terrible, the lights were at the wrong place and -true horror- as they placed the floor in my bedroom this week it turned out to completely clash with the walls. Both were supposed to be white but one isn’t really. Absolutely disastrous for a perfectionist like me. Me and my mum ended up having a little depressed moment in the car after our eyes were hurt by the clashing whites.

Anyway, it wasn’t my intention to make a complaing blogpost so here are some positive things;

Even though my diet wasn’t on point my training certainly was! Felt a bit like  I was bulking again; eating large amounts of foods but also training like a beast. Certainly got a bit stronger over the past weeks. I decided to instead of being angry with myself for not being able get back to a clean diet to accept it and make the best out of it.

This monday I started my cut for real -really!-. I took some progress pics and telling you this now means I’m gonna have to share them later right? Putting some pressure on myself. Even though it’s though I’ve been doing well for now so I can’t wait to see the results!

Long story short; I’ve just got a lot of things on my mind and that makes me go a bit crazy from time to time. Doesn’t mean I’m not liking what I’m doing but sometimes it can be a bit too much all at the same moment. Let’s hope I can have my housewarming soon and I’ll have one less thing to worry about. -but what if someone spills wine on my carpet?!-


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