No, I’m not okay.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset“Im, how are you?” “fine” I answer as always. Cause what else are you supposed to say? We live in a time in which everyone has it ‘tough’ and is ‘stressed’. Saying that you’re not okay doesn’t result in a “oh that sucks, what’s going on?” No, it results in a competition in which you both claim your life is the hardest one and you have the right to complain the most. Exhausting isn’t it? Even more exhausting are the “I don’t have to ask you how you’re doing cause instagram shows me how great things are.” Cause damn my life looks good. Working out a lot, got nice pics and even nicer clothes. Those are the good things. But I’m actually not doing well at all. Continue reading

Why your scale is a fool


Maybe your scale is the biggest bully in your life. As soon as the number on that tiny screen stays the same, or even gets higher we seem to lose all our self confidence. De scale itself isn’t judging you but it feels like it. ‘ding doing, you’re fat!’ some balloons with piglets on them, a bit of confetti and your negative self esteem party is complete. Time after time you’re giving that piece of technology control over your self-image. So why are we doing that and is the scale even that almighty? Continue reading

The end of Summer


There I am, at the office, headache of the stress and just staring out of the window. Or maybe I should say; There I sat. This wasn’t a one time occasion. This was my Summer. While others were enjoying the lovely summer weather and Dutch beaches I was sitting at the office. Wearing my way to hot office outfits and watching everyone elses summer through the torturemachine called; social media. Continue reading

How to start your fitness journey

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It seems so easy; you start eating healthier, train more and you’ll instantly change into your insta idole under which pictures you always comment ‘#goals’. Nonetheless your motivation is usually completely gone within 2 weeks. You end up at the sofa buried under a mountain of unhealthy snacks. The only “training” you’re still doing is bringing your hand filled with food to your mouth. Cause; ‘that counts as a bicep curl right?’ No, not really. So how do you manage to change your lifestyle?  Continue reading

Stress eating – a personal update


With a 5 kgs difference between these pics they’d make a great progress picture. If however, it was the other way around. Lots of comments would be made like ‘wow, impressive’ and ‘how did you do that?’. But this isn’t your typical before and after pic. This is one that shows slip ups, struggles and well, that I’m only human too. For a while I wondered how people would react to a progress picture like this. It isn’t one to be proud of, or is it? Continue reading

Sudio Earphones

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Music, nowadays almost every simple task is accompanied with it. Walking to the supermarket, cleaning your room, it’s all done with your favourite songs in the background. Sometimes you want to keep your music session a bit more private though. -not everyone needs to know you listen to the spice girls- Earphones are the perfect solution for those moments. I’ve found some real stylish ones for you!

Continue reading