Hemp Products – why you should eat them


Hemp seeds are a superfood, did you know that they are the most nutritious seeds in the world? The first time I heard about the benefits of hemp seeds (milk, oil, etc) I thought it was just something the Dutch had come up with to keep their rights of growing their own hemp plants (yes we can have three of them). After some research though, I realised that the products of this plant are indeed great for your health.  Don’t ‘worry’ about getting high, I’ll give you a short explanation and tell you about its health benefits. Continue reading

Bingeing – just another part of my journey

For two days in a row I ate approximately +4000 calories a day, not something I’m proud of to admit. I’m sharing this because I want to show that we all have our struggles. Social media can make it look like it’s all going so easy for everyone but you. Keep in mind that you only see of others what they choose to show you!

It’s easy to say after bingeing like this ‘I hate my self’ and to feel sorry for yourself for being so uncontrolled but I won’t. I do have to say that I felt horrible about myself, thankfully that feeling is gone now. I’m making it my duty to find the deeper problem. Continue reading

My progress – how I lost 8 kilos

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Lately a lot of people have been asking how I got my results. I love answering each one of you, but telling the same story over and over again is getting a bit dull. So that’s why I’m just gonna write it down here on my blog.

As you might have read before, I gained a lot of weight in my gap year, to be a bit more precise; 7 kgs (15.4 pounds). Somewhere in the end of September/ beginning of october I decided to make some changes. I did not follow any type of program or diet, so what did I do? Continue reading