Raspberry beet chocolate cake


Chocolate cake has always been my favourite. Although, maybe I should take the word ‘cake’ away. I’m a big fan of chocolate cakes which aren’t that ‘caky’. With that I mean that I like them more moisty and a not with a dry texture.

When I stopped eating gluten and dairy it got really difficult to find anything like this to eat. But now -drum rolls-  I’ve found a recipe which is clean, gluten, dairy and soy free! Of course I had to share this with you. And well, I think we all know what I’ll be making anytime I can find a good reason. Continue reading

2 ingredient cookies


Everyone has those moments at which you crave comfort food. Whenever this happens to me I start searching the entire kitchen for something yummy to fulfill my sweet tooth. I either don’t have anything at home -healthy decisions were made at the supermarket- or I start eating a bunch load of crap.

Not anymore! I found a recipe that provides you with yummy cookies and is made with only two ingredients which most of us probably always have in our kitchen. So may I present you a guilt free, easy to make, intolerance free and even vegan cookie recipe! Continue reading