How to start your fitness journey

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It seems so easy; you start eating healthier, train more and you’ll instantly change into your insta idole under which pictures you always comment ‘#goals’. Nonetheless your motivation is usually completely gone within 2 weeks. You end up at the sofa buried under a mountain of unhealthy snacks. The only “training” you’re still doing is bringing your hand filled with food to your mouth. Cause; ‘that counts as a bicep curl right?’ No, not really. So how do you manage to change your lifestyle?  Continue reading

Fresh Start

Hey guys, 

As you might have noticed by the lack of new posts, I’ve been totally neglecting my blog. Or well, that’s what it seems like and that’s how I felt about it. Right now, while typing this I realized that neglecting isn’t the right word. I’ve been thinking a lot and have actually written some posts but I did not publish them. So what have I been thinking and writing about? Continue reading

Hips don’t lie – sport injuries

Just Do It

After not having been to the gym for almost a week I decided to go with my friend. Happy of the thought of finally getting some action again I began my walk home from work. It didn’t take long though before the pain in my hip decided to once again join the party. Severely annoyed I limped home as fast as possible, as I passed a window the reflection showed me something that reminded me of the hunchback of Notre Dame. I felt like one of those creepy old limping men in movies and the thought of this probably gave me the same sinister facial expression (should have taken a picture). As I finally made it home I cancelled the gym plans with my friend due to the dreadful pain that had been scourging me for the last month. One hour later the pain was gone and we actually went to the gym.

How seriously should you take injuries? and how do you deal with them? I know that this is a struggle for lots of people since on the one hand you don’t want to make it worse, but on the other hand having to take a lot of rest messes with the goals you’ve set. Here are some tips; Continue reading

My progress – how I lost 8 kilos

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Lately a lot of people have been asking how I got my results. I love answering each one of you, but telling the same story over and over again is getting a bit dull. So that’s why I’m just gonna write it down here on my blog.

As you might have read before, I gained a lot of weight in my gap year, to be a bit more precise; 7 kgs (15.4 pounds). Somewhere in the end of September/ beginning of october I decided to make some changes. I did not follow any type of program or diet, so what did I do? Continue reading