Can’t walk any more


As black and white as I am I had to make up for not working out for some days by working out like a crazy idiot. Two days in a row I did my full body workout, legs&cardio and both days legday at the gym (heavy lifting included). The second day was already a bit more difficult, but soreness is happy pain right? Fanatical as I am I signed up for a zumba class for that evening as well.  Continue reading

Modifying exercises; Push ups

11016782_639475429492278_3447910199978589801_oRemember those moments your trainer of PE teacher made you do push ups and you’d get away with the knee version just because you’re a girl? well, it’s time to stop doing that and man up! Of course I know that lots of you do regular push ups, but truth is that not everyone is capable of doing them. 

Many people choose knee push ups when they can’t do the regular one. Doing these is without a doubt better than nothing but is it going to help you reach your goals of doing actual push ups? Lets find out! Continue reading

Week Three

“‘Discipline’ doing what needs to be done, even if you don’t want to.

It’s the start of week three already and I haven’t stopped yet. Right now I still find it easy to discipline myself to do all of Kayla’s workouts, but I do have some self-knowledge and thus I expect to lose my motivation anytime soon. Continue reading

Going down Achilles style

Until now the BBG hadn’t caused me any pain yet, except for the soreness after the feared leg & cardio workouts of course. A couple of days ago though I felt a fierce pain right after legs&cardio wk2 coming from my Achilles tendon. As I am quite a dedicated person I do not stop easily and often cross my limits and go to far, I decided to just see how things would evolve and thus I did do the full body workout two days later. The weird thing is that the pain didn’t really occur during the exercises but once I was done. This time the pain was even worse and when I woke up the next day I walked around wiggling like some sort of penguin.

Immediately I realised that this should be taken seriously since pushing your body over its limits can lead to serious injuries. Not only are serious injuries just a tedious thing, but they need a lot of time to recover from. That would mean stopping with the BBG and any other types of heavy exercises, definitely something I wouldn’t be happy with!

Achilles tendon injuries can be caused by:5506165_orig

  • Overuse.
  • Stepping up your level of physical activity too quickly.
  • Wearing high heels. (guess I won’t be wearing my new boots anytime soon.)
  • Flat feet.
  • Muscles or tendons in the leg that are too tight.

Continue reading

The Start

Honestly, I had never thought that I would be doing the bikini body guide. I told myself that the fact that the guide is filled with pink and cute little drawings made it impossible for me to take it seriously, and thus I wouldn’t do it. (yes I know, ironically in this picture I am wearing pink, but trust me that happens rarely) Looking back at that now I get that this wasn’t the real reason why I didn’t start at all. Much more likely I just found the thought of a 12 week commitment intimidating and wasn’t ready to commit to such a thing. The thought alone of sweating like crazy three times a week and feeling like you might faint wasn’t very appealing.(it still isn’t!) Continue reading