Pancake Sunday

We all know that Saturdays are for sleeping in late, so that’s exactly what I was doing yesterday morning. The notification of a picture send by my father on my phone couldn’t stop me from some more snoozing. When I did check it though I stared at a picture of a baby, a baby looking exactly like my half brother but dressed in pink. I needed some time to let it sink in but then it hit me; MY SISTER WAS BORN! Continue reading

Hemp Products – why you should eat them


Hemp seeds are a superfood, did you know that they are the most nutritious seeds in the world? The first time I heard about the benefits of hemp seeds (milk, oil, etc) I thought it was just something the Dutch had come up with to keep their rights of growing their own hemp plants (yes we can have three of them). After some research though, I realised that the products of this plant are indeed great for your health.  Don’t ‘worry’ about getting high, I’ll give you a short explanation and tell you about its health benefits. Continue reading



For minutes now I’ve been staring at the screen of my computer, clicking back and forth between the two pictures. Each time I click a tiny bit on the screen moves, it changes. The change is not big, but as a perfectionist I have to decide what looks best. Totally sure was I, that the directions I had given were clear, so what did they do with the text? Endless emails had been sent, each one of them getting me even more frustrated. Why did they put me in charge of making a poster for the company? Continue reading



Yesterday morning while having breakfast I scrolled down through my social media feeds. Full horror I looked at all the cute pictures of people with their moms; mother’s day?!  Lots of questions wandered through my mind. ‘How did I miss this?’ ‘Is it too late to still buy something?’ ‘Should I hide? Where is the nearest safe house?’. Continue reading