My binge eating history


I wanna take you back to a time I’m not very proud of. Still I’m going to share it with you. We all have our issues and struggles. Trust me, you’re not the only one. The reason it does feel like that is because we often hide our “darker side” from the rest of the world. This leaves us all feeling alone and to afraid to share our personal struggles. To show you that all those perfect looking lives on social media aren’t that perfect after all I’m sharing my personal story. So here’s what I used to struggle with a lot; Binge eating. Continue reading

How to be a confident gym newbie

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So you’re all prepared. You’ve watched hundreds of movies on instagram of your fitness idols, put on your prettiest gym outfit and brought a bottle of water cause damn you’re gonna kill it. The moment is finally there; you’re going to enter the gym. But oh no. Suddenly you’re getting nervous. What are all those muscular people doing there and why are they all looking at you? Continue reading

The journey of building your body

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In my bulking blogpost I told you about gaining weight and how this can actually create a beautiful body. I got lots of questions of people wondering if they could just start bulking. The main question was; can you bulk if you also want to lose weight? And if my abs are visible because of a good diet. In the end it comes down to one thing; you guys want to know if bulking will instantly make your body look better. Today the answer to that question! Continue reading