Can’t walk any more


As black and white as I am I had to make up for not working out for some days by working out like a crazy idiot. Two days in a row I did my full body workout, legs&cardio and both days legday at the gym (heavy lifting included). The second day was already a bit more difficult, but soreness is happy pain right? Fanatical as I am I signed up for a zumba class for that evening as well. 

A couple of years ago I was totally anti zumba, me dancing? With a clumsiness factor higher than your average geek in a movie and no talent to dance with the beat of the music at all, it just didn’t seem like something I’d enjoy. My friend really liked it and since classes at my gym are free I couldn’t refuse. It was a big surprise that I actually kind of enjoyed the lesson. Nevertheless, as expected, I definitely don’t have a zumba talent or feeling.

My zumba clumsiness hasn’t disappeared yet and I am still the one who is up when everyone is down and the other way around. That doesn’t make me like it less. I am definitely not a fan of cardio and I think that zumba is a great way to suffer less from cardio work outs.

Anyway, so I had already had legday(s) but still managed to keep up with the lesson. A quick look at the clock showed that keeping up 10 more minutes would mean that I made it to the end of the lesson. Ah some jumping jacks, those are okay. As I were happily jumping around, using my last bit of energy, the teacher decided to put in some squats as well. Why?? okay no time for complaining, lets squat! After some squats she kept hanging in a really (really!) deep squat and bounced up and down in this position. Oh my gosh, that burned like hell. After 30 seconds the suffering finally stopped and we went back to a dancing routine.

Then though, the jumping jacks returned, did this mean squatting as well? yes it did. The squatting itself wasn’t that bad, it was the holding and bouncing that killed me. Telling myself that it would be over after this I endured the burning. I can’t even explain how relieved I was when it was over, but then. No, just NO. Not again. in the mirror I saw a girl who was defenitlely squatting deeper than I were, competitive as I am I decided to go deeper as well. This time we held position for 1 minute straight, are they even allowed to torture us like this?

Totally exhausted I arrived home and took the stairs to the 4th floor even though we have an elevator. Now you might think ‘why?’. I’m thinking the exact same thing. I practically dragged myself up and had to take breaks after each floor. For everyone who doesn’t have the option of taking the elevator; I feel your pain!

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