Easter struggles

11150263_653624198077401_1247514859198881399_nChaotic as I am I had no idea that last weekend was going to be a bank holiday, neither did my father. Both of us were surprised when we found out that the employees were expecting a day off, can’t say that I was unhappy with my unexpected early weekend.

11149409_653624171410737_4980696577117868186_nLast year my easter sunday wasn’t that spectacular, I didn’t realise it was Easter sunday until my breakfast was already made. Have to say that I was proud there were eggs in it and so it counted as an Easter breakfast. There’s no better celebration of Easter than eating breakfast by yourself while standing in the kitchen of your student house right? This year I decided to put in a bit more effort to make a proper Easter breakfast, turned out quite well.

Easter really is one of those holidays though were they are trying to get you fat. There’s not much more than stuffing yourself with food and feeling sick while waiting for the next round to come. To make it even worse gyms are closing early and if you’re really unlucky your gym isn’t even open.

Luckily my gym closed ‘only’ 2 hours earlier, something I knew but since I’m bad with time I couldn’t really handle. After just having started my 25 minute interval training I heard the familiar bing bong sound ‘attention members, in 15 minutes David Lloyd will be closed’. I looked up surprised, closed? The sun hadn’t even set yet. Of course I had to give in, I like being at the gym but staying there over night didn’t seem like a great thing to do. On my way out of the gym I saw people arriving, why did no one tell them it was closing. These people either follow some kind of stupid program which claims that you’ll get fit from working out 5 minutes a day or they were just clueless.

Same thing happened to me on Easter monday, this time I did finish my interval training though. Afterwards I dicided to do some weighttraining. All set with the weights needed around me the bing bong sound stroke again. ‘Attention members, in 15 minutes David Lloyd will be closed’. Dragging all of my weights toghether had been a waste of time, or on the bright side; I had done some lifting. Once again on my way out there were still people entering, even outside I saw some familiar faces heading to the gym. Poor people.

I felt even more sorry for the rabbit I saw in the Vondel park later on my way home. Surrounded by photograping tourists and dutch hipsters it just sat there in the grass, its fur stained with mud. . I wondered, was this rabbit dumped here by an owner who couldn’t take care of it anymore, quite ironic to just release your rabbit into the ‘wild’ on Easter. Or maybe some poor little girl had just lost it. Without a doubt it belonged to someone, it was so domestic that people could just pick it up. I just hope that someone came to save this little Easter bunny.

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