Refreshing Mango Mineola smoothie



With so many different fruits the variations of smoothies you can make are endless. Still, I’ve got a favorite; The mango mineola smoothie.

We all know mango, but I doubt that many of you have ever tried mineola in a smoothie. The minneola is a cross between a Duncan grapefruit and a Dancy tangerine and can be recognised by its bell shape. I first had one when I was an unhealthy fruit resenting girl. My grandpa had some minneolas and frankly I did not want to try them since they looked so much like tangerines -which I absolutely hated-. Today I am still happy that I did try them, they were delicious and oh so juicy.

In this smoothie the mango and minneola go together very well. The freshness of the minneola is great on a hot day and the mango makes it creamy too. So perfect on warm summer days but because of its creaminess and full taste also delicious when the warm weather has made an exit.


  • cup of frozen mango
  • 1 mineola
  • cup of yoghurt
  • tsp of vanilla extract

I usually use yoghurt but if you prefer another base for your smoothies like coconut milk or almond milk that works perfectly too!


  • peel your minneola and separate the different parts.
  • put the yoghurt (or other base) in your blender.
  • add the minneola and vanilla, mix for a couple of minutes.
  • add the mango and mix until you find your perfect consistency.
  • enjoy!

Maybe you’re wondering why we don’t just add everything at the same time and blend, I’ll explain. Minneolas have, just like tangerines, a white ‘second skin’. Okay sorry folks I have no idea how to call it but I hope that you know what I mean. Even though I try to scrape off most of the parts before putting them in the blender there’s always some left. If you don’t blend properly it might actually block your straw while drinking. That’s why I blend the minneola for a while before adding in the mango.

Breakfast idea: make the mango minneola smoothie and eat for breakfast as a smoothie bowl!


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