Transformation Tuesday


It’s Tuesday and we all know what that means; an overflow of before and after pics on Instagram accompanied with the #TransformationTuesday hashtag. I’ve always admired the courage these people had, posting their story, and felt like it was time for a Transformation Tuesday of my own.

A year and a half ago my gap year had just got to an end and after a year of carefree living I started at university. Of course life wasn’t that carefree but being abroad made me feel like it. I am going to be honest with you, I wasn’t at a happy place but I tried my best to ignore it. This also made me ignore the massive weight gain which is inevitable when one is living carefree in Britain. If you’ve been there you know that fried food is all you get at the pubs. -not that I minded-

Anyway, I decided it was time to make some changes. I was done with my bad health, the energyless body I had to drag around and the wish to look differently. Instead of sobbing about it and blaming myself I chose to take my responsibility and put in all I had to achieve my goals.


I never took a picture when I started my journey so all I have is this one from summer 2014. When the summer ended I started at university and kept on drinking and indulging large amounts of fast food. The little exercising I started doing at the gym definitely couldn’t weigh up to all of this. I’ve been looking -and weighing- the same for over half a year now so roughly calculated my ‘transformation took place in about 8 months. I want to make clear to you that if you start today, and give it your all, this can be you in eight months!


Probably the question I get asked most; how did I do this? There’s no short answer. I can provide you with the well known ‘I changed my diet and started working out’ but I don’t think that that will help you much further. I’ve already posted about my progress a while ago (click here for the link). I definitely recommend reading that one. Difference is that now I am even more dedicated and train way more seriously. -also following a course to become a PT- I actually do break a sweat while training but still without much cardio.

The key to successfully losing weight is a combination of training and nutrition! When I started tracking what I ate and adjusted my meals fat practically started to melt of my body. In total I’ve lost about 12/13 kgs (27lbs) I do want to remind you that what you see in the mirror is so much more important than on the scale! Your weight alone doesn’t say anything about your body composition. Muscle really does weigh much more than fat.

You can achieve this too!

Right now you are probably thinking; ‘what did she eat?’ ‘which exercises did she do?’ etc. I know that lots of you want my exact training and food schedule but those alone won’t necessarily help you succeed. Everyone is different and that means that all bodies reacts differently. Also in my opinion there’s something much more important than training and nutrition to be successful.

your mindset.

We often -unconsciously- let our fears take control over our lives. Isn’t it so much easier to tell yourself that those big dreams you have are unrealistic and that maybe you shouldn’t pursue them? Think deeply, that’s not really why you’re not doing it. The real reason lies within our fears, we have doubts about our own capabilities. ‘Do we really have what it takes?’ ‘What if we don’t?’ ‘What if we fail?’ Personally I believe that if you really let go of your fears and give it all you have, you can achieve anything you want to. Maybe it will turn out differently than expected since our dreams are often way to detailed. Just give the universe some space to let things work out.



No journey is perfect and everyone encounters some difficulties. for me that were Bingeing problems and there’ve been times I completely got off track.

Knowing how difficult it is I want to help you to get a step closer to your dreams. On the internet there are thousandths of food and training schedules and actually a lot of them work if you execute them properly. That’s where that mindset comes back. To see results you need to be consistent and dedicated but you don’t have to be perfect.

I am going to help you reach your goals by posting step by step how to make plans out of those dreams and turn those plans into action. Of course I’ll give you training and nutrition tips as well but it’s important you find something that suits you. Otherwise it will be even harder to stick to it.

Feel free to ask me any questions you may have and I’ll  answer them. Since I just started vlogging I might answer them in a video.


2 thoughts on “Transformation Tuesday

  1. Hey Imre! Great job with your transformation, you look amazing! I was just wondering: how did you manage to achieve such thin legs? Was it through weight training? Because I’m doing a lot of bodyweight training and some cardio, but my inner thighs don’t seem to change a bit… I am also eating pretty healthily, with a caloric deficit.
    I know it is impossible to spot reduce, but I’d really like my thighs to be slimmer. Yours are just… goals.




    • Hey Emily,
      Thank you dear! I only do weight training so that is how I managed to get my legs like this. You are completely right that it’s impossible to spot reduce, so how do you get your thighs slimmer?

      You might not like the answer.. To get your thighs slimmer (which you can’t target) you will have to lose some fat. If you’re unlucky it could be that because of your genetics you store more fat on your thighs. If so, your thighs will be the last place your fat is going to burn. It’s will take a lot of hard work and dedication. Decide if you’re willing to go for it. Otherwise just be happy with the legs and thighs you have right now, I am sure you’re looking great!

      Weight training can help you a lot since it doesn’t only burn fat but shapes your muscles. Always aim for fit, not skinny 😉

      Hope I’ve answered your question well enough.
      Take care, Imre


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